Zymol Volvo Wax


The Zymol Volvo Wax is an entry level choice of wax for any Volvo owner. Specially formulated and suitable for all Volvo paintwork finishes and is suitable for any color. Zymol waxes are actually enzymes that turn into wax when exposed to air during application on your paint surface. A rich amount of carnauba wax works to restore shine and add depth with select oils and esters make Zymol smooth and safe to apply. Swirls vanish, abrasions dim and blemishes are greatly reduced. Zymol created the Volvo wax formula to put the shine and reflection back into your Volvo.


* Contains 37% Carnauba Wax (100% Yellow by Volume)
* Specifically engineered for Volvo Paint Finish
* Ingredients derived from nature include banana, coconut and montan oil.
* Provides protection that polishes do not
* Greater protection with increased depth of shine and reflection.
* No harsh chemicals or abrasives
* No white residue or buildup along seams

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