Zymol Strik Cleaner


The Zymol Strik Cleaner was specially formulated to clean automotive engine compartments. Perfect for your car, truck, van, SUV and other vehicles. The Strik unique formula removes oil, grease, grime and cosmoline from all surfaces safely and effectively from your engine compartment. Washing and waxing the exterior of your car is a sign of good car care. But, is you are a true car enthusiast, you know that a clean and spotless engine compartment is just as important. The Zymol Strik’s natural formula is free of harmful additives found in other cleaners on the market. Strik’s natural soaps help remove oil, grease and grime while the unique blend of oils condition and bring out a striking shine. Zymol Strik Cleaner is also non-caustic, acid-free and chlorine-free.


* Safely and Effectively Cleans Your Engine Compartment
* Specially Formulated To Remove Oil, Grease, Grime and Cosmoline
* No Harsh Chemicals – Non-Caustic, Acid-Free and Chlorine-Free
* Safe For Painted Surfaces, Eliminating The Need To Mask Areas When Cleaning
* Contains Lemon Rind Oil, Grapefruit Rind Oil, Citric Turpine, Cetyl Cocoamide, Cocamide, Spun Tallow and Castile Soaps

PRODUCT NOTE: Zymol Strik Cleaner works best in diluted solutions for general engine compartment cleansing or can be use without being diluted for full-strength cleaning to remove tough oil, grease or grime stains.

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