Volkswagen Transporter Workshop Manual 1963-1967 (Type 2)

APPLICATIONS: Volkswagen Transporter 1963-1967 (Type 2)
MANUAL FORMAT: 918 Pages, 1450 Illustrations and Diagrams

In the same tradition as our classic 1961-1965 Type 1 manual, this manual offers owners of 1960s vintage Transporters the long out-of-print factory repair information. Indispensable to anyone interested in the history or restoration of the Transporter, this book includes complete coverage of 1200 and 1500 engines, dual-circuit brakes, and body dimension specifications for all models-even those with sliding sunroof. Factory updates are listed by chassis number and date introduced. This is the one book no serious Type 2 enthusiast should be without.

Air-cooled Volkswagens (Type 2) covered:

* Volkswagen Type 2 Ambulance
* Volkswagen Type 2 Delivery Van
* Volkswagen Type 2 Kombi
* Volkswagen Type 2 Micro Bus
* Volkswagen Type 2 Micro Bus De Luxe
* Volkswagen Type 2 Pick-up

Technical highlights:

* 1200 and 1500 engines, including 34 hp, 42 hp, and 44 hp, all with fresh air heating
* Engine bench testing procedures and specifications.
* ZF and ATE steering gear removal, rebuilding and installation.
* Dual circuit brakes.
* 6 and 12-volt electrical systems, with listing of 6-volt components converted to 12-volts.
* US and European lighting and electrical systems
* Comprehensive wiring diagrams.
* Frame, floor and body panel repair. All measurements and detailed cutting, alignment and welding instructions. Painting preparation and procedures.
* Maintenance and lubrication charts and procedures.
* Body repair and replacement procedures, including the sliding fabric sunroof, the Pick-Up wooden platform, and a special section for Ambulance accessories.
* All factory changes and updates are noted in the text by manufacturing date, chassis number, engine number and part number.
* Full explanations of the operation of all systems, with exploded views, cutaways and diagrams.
* Required workshop equipment, tools, and listings of equipment for local manufacture.
* Troubleshooting tables for clutch, carburetor, fuel system, steering, brakes, generator, starter, and wipers.
* Comprehensive specifications and technical data.

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