Turtle Wax Foam Away Wash and Wax Spray


The Turtle Wax Foam Away Wash & Wax Spray is the easiest 1-step way to clean you car, truck, van or SUV without using a bucket, hose not even water! The foam is formulated with a blend of cleaners and special waxes that will give your car a sparkling clean shine quickly and easily. Foam Away contains a high concentration of lubricating cleaners that surround and remove dirt without creating scratches or swirl marks. As dirt is being removed, a layer of wax is applied to the car, giving it a deep, clean shine. The Turtle Wax Foam Away 1-Step Wash & Wax Spray is great for removing dust, light dirt, fingerprints, bird droppings and bugs. Use the Foam Away anytime you want to clean your car but don’t have the time or access to a hose and water. Clean up to 5 cars with just a single can!


* Just Spray On and Wipe Off
* Leaves An Incredible Shine.
* No Bucket, Hose or Even Water Is Needed
* Unique lubricants create a thick foam that lifts dirt away.
* Can Be Used On All Painted Surfaces, Glass, Plastic and Rubber Trim
* Clean Up To 5 Cars With Just A Single Can.
* Contains 20 fl. oz.

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