Thule 594 Side Arm Upright Mount Bike Rack

The Thule 594 Side Arm Upright Mount Bike Rack can accommodate virtually all bicycle styles and sizes regardless of frame design, suspension, brake type or wheel size. Easy bike loading, sculpted wheel tray and front support arm work together and help keep bike in position when securing to carrier and patented support arm with Ratcheting-Quick-Load System (RQL) grips and firmly secures all types of bicycles including road bikes, hybrids, kids bikes, women’s bikes, downhill mountain bikes and free ride bicycles. Tough and durable construction utilizing the latest manufacturing processes. Secure grip of front wheel mounting eliminates frame contact and unwanted frame dings or chips. The Thule Side Arm Upright Mount Bike Rack can be mounted directly to Thule square load bars & Yakima round cross bars.


* Fits All Bikes Regardless of Frame Design, Suspension, Brake Type or Wheel Size
* No Need To Remove The Front Wheel Off First When Loading Your Bike
* Tough and Durable Construction Utilizing The Latest Manufacturing Processes
* Patented Ratcheting Quick Load System (RQL)
* Secure Grip of Front Wheel Mounting Eliminates Frame Contact and Unwanted Frame Dings or Chips
* Fits Thule Square Load Bars & Yakima Round Cross Bars
* Fits Wheels From 20-29 and Tires From 1”-2.6” Wide
* 60 lbs. Max Carrying Capacity

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