Thule 544 Lock Cylinders (4 Pk)

The Thule 544 Lock Cylinders allow you to lock Thule racks and accessories. All four cylinders lock and unlock with the same key to eliminate the hassle of multiple keys. The Thule Lock Cylinders provide added security and the ability to add more accessories with the same key. This is a great upgrade due to almost all Thule gear carriers and base rack systems are sold without locks, allowing you to purchase a large enough lock pack of cylinders so all items in your rack system secure using the same key. Includes 4 locks in the pack.


* Provides Added Security To Your Valuable Gear & Equipment
* Use Same Key To Eliminate The Hassle of Multiple Keys
* Ability To Add More Accessories with The Same Key
* Includes 4 cores, 2 Keys and Change Key To Remove Cylinders

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