Thule 542 Artificial Rain Gutters

The Thule 542 Artificial Rain Gutters are adaptors that convert gutterless vehicles so that they can accept Thule’s rain gutter multi-purpose roof racks including the 300, 387 and 953 models. Great for camper shells, Jeep Wrangler tops and truck caps and a perfect way to mount your Thule Gutter Mount rack to virtually any roof top. Dual mounting action mounts on side or top flat of vehicle roofline and heavy duty steel construction with a durable polyester powder coat finish. The Thule Artificial Rain Gutters are also easy to install, and can be placed in top-mount or side-mount positions. Includes steel artificial rain gutters, steel backing plates, mounting hardware and instructions.


* Perfect For Camper Shells, Jeep Wrangler Tops and Truck Caps
* Dual Mounting Action Mounts on Side or Top Flat of Vehicle Roofline
* Heavy Duty Steel Construction with a Durable Polyester Powder Coat Finish
* Easy To Install and Can Be Placed In Top-Mount or Side-Mount Positions
* Includes 4 Mounting Plates, Rubber Gaskets, Backing Plates and Hardware
* Brackets Are 6 1/2″ x 1 3/4″

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