Tension Pole Bike Rack


The Tension Pole Bike Rack By On The Edge Marketing is a great option when it comes to storing bicycles. The Tension Pole Bike Rack will provide much needed floor space by easily and safely storing your bicycle out of the way and off the floor thus giving you more floor space for other things. This telescopic rack system ranges from 7-12 feet with three adjustable ABS plastic hangers. The Rack can securely hold up to 3 bikes weighing up to 400 lbs! Start utilizing your floor space and store your bikes easily and safely with the Tension Pole Bike Rack By On The Edge Marketing.


* Easily and Safely Store Up To 3 Bicycles
* Telescopic Rack System Ranges From 7-12 Feet
* 3 Adjustable ABS Plastic Hangers
* Easy Access and Ladder-Free
* 400 lbs. Load Capacity


* Main Rack: 7″ L x 2.5″ D x 85-106″ H
* Bike Hanger: 19″ L x 15″ D

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