STP Oil Stabilizer

The STP Oil Stabilizer is specially formulated to help fight metal to metal friction by providing a thicker cushion between moving engine parts. Excellent for all cars, vans, light trucks and SUV’s. Protects engine parts against corrosive wear by helping to combat internal motor rust and reduces deposit buildup to help fight ring sticking. It also conditions seals to help stop minor leaks and increases the level of dispersants to help reduce sludge deposits. STP Oil Stabilizer has more anti-wear agents than other leading oil stabilizers and helps maintain the quality of your oil between changes.


* Protects Engine Parts Against Corrosive Wear
* Reduces Deposit Buildup To Help Fight Ring Sticking
* Conditions Seals To Help Stop Minor Leaks
* Increases The Level Of Dispersants To Help Reduce Sludge Deposits
* Boosts The Level Of Detergency To Help Keep Your Engine Clean

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