Simoniz Rotary Car Wash Brush

The Simoniz Rotary Car Wash Brush is a great add-on to your Simoniz Pressure Washer. The Rotary Brush attaches quickly and easily to either a 100B or 110B wand/fan lance. Greatly increase the cleaning power of your pressure washer with the high quality soft bristle brush. Excellent for cleaning vehicles, boats, windows and all smooth surfaces such as; siding, mobile homes, large table tops, canvas tent covers, boat siding, raised decks and more. The Simoniz Rotary Car Wash Brush’s spinning action will gently remove road grime, insects and bird droppings with ease and will not damage or scratch the clear coat finishes from your vehicle.


* Attaches Quickly and Easily
* High Quality Soft Bristle Brush
* Increase The Cleaning Power Of Your Pressure Washer
* Gently Removes Road Grime, Insects & Bird Droppings
* Will Not Harm or Scratch Clear Coat Paint Finishes

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