Simoniz 25′ High Pressure Extension Hose

The Simoniz 25′ High Pressure Extension Hose is made to fit all Simoniz pressure washers. Quickly and easily attach this to the high pressure outlet on your pressure washer and attach the existing high pressure hose and gun to the brass fitting on the extension hose to extend the length of your cleaning area. The Simoniz High Pressure Extension Hose is a great upgrade to your original and will tremendously increase the power of your pressure washer. Made to fit Simoniz Pressure Washer SIMSPH-190 & SIMSPD-220.


* Attaches Quickly and Easily
* Increase The Power Of Your Pressure Washer
* More Water Pressure To Remove Tough Dirt and Road Grime
* 2200 PSI / 151.9 Bar

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