S100 Motorcycle Detail + Wax


The S100 Detail + Wax is a true one-step care system developed exclusively for motorcycles. Sometimes your motorcycle doesn’t need a full heavy duty cleaning, just a touch up. Sometimes you’re in the middle of nowhere and can’t get to a hose. For these times, the people at S100 developed the S100 Detail + Wax. The unique formula easily removes bugs, light road soils, dust, rain spots, fingerprints and and other contaminants that detract from your bike’s appearance. The S100 Detail + Wax will also leave a protective barrier that makes future cleaning easier and is completely nonabrasive. You can apply and use it as often as necessary without leaving a heavy wax build-up. S100 Detail + Wax is simply the most convenient way to add shine and protection for you bike.
*Wash and Wax All In One
*Add Shine & Protection From Harmful Elements
*Simply Spray On & Wipe To a Beautiful Shine
*The Only Bike Detailer You Will Ever Need
*Conveniently Cleans and Shines Without Water
*Contains Carnauba and Beeswax
*Can Contains 10 Oz.

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