Mighty Monsoon Aroma Auto Fan


The Mighty Monsoon Aroma Auto Fan is great to have in any vehicle. Stylish and convenient, the fan plugs directly into your car’s cigarette lighter socket and you can also add your favorite perfume to the fan for a cooling breeze and a charming scent. The Mighty Monsoon Aroma Auto Fan comes in a stylish elegant gold color. This low energy, high performance fan also features a moldable neck that you can position the fan to blow in any direction as desire. The soft EVA-foam blades is safe to the touch. Makes a great gift! By Axius / Auto Expressions.


* Simple To Use and Install
* Stylish and Elegant Gold Color
* Plugs Into Cigarette Lighter Socket
* Moldable Neck Positions As You Desire
* Low Energy, High Performance
* Changeable Aroma Holder
* Soft, Safe EVA-Foam Blades

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