Meguiar’s Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover

Meguiar’s and Bissell have combined forces to create Meguiar’s Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover. Unlike traditional foam cleaners, this oxygen-activated formula instantly penetrates the surface to attack and dissolve stains within carpet-fibers for deep, effective cleaning. Developed to remove the toughest stains, such as motor oil, grease, pet stains & coffee. The Meguiar’s Quik Out Carpet Stain Remover uses no harsh chemicals or chlorine bleaches so it is safe for you and your carpets. Contains 22 fl. oz.


* Easily Remove Carpet Stains
* Penetrates and Dissolves Stains Fast
* No More Hard Scrubbing
* Oxygen-Activated Formula
* No Harsh Chemicals or Chlorine Bleaches

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