Grit Guard Wash Bucket Insert
Scratches and swirls on the surface of a vehicle are a result of improper car washing. The dirt and grit from the vehicle’s surface are trapped in the mitts and brushes that are used for washing and they are subsequently rubbed back into the paint. Don’t continue to make this costly mistake that will leave you trying to remove unsightly and irritating scratches. You can now preserve your paint’s finish with the Grit Guard, a raised radial surface designed to release dirt and grit from your wash mitt and trap it at the bottom of your bucket. Place the Grit Guard Insert at the bottom of any 12andquot; diameter bucket and simply rub your mitt or brush across it to extract any contaminants. The dirt and grit is trapped beneath the Grit Guard’s raised surface, keeping your water and wash mitt clean and scratch-free! The Grit Guard Insert also works great for small parts cleaning, wet sanding, oil filter draining, grout grid for tile installation, painting buddy, wallpapering and much more. SEPARATE THE GRIT FROM THE MITT! Works in any 12andquot; diameter bucket Extracts particles and contaminants from wash mitts Keeps your wash water and mitt scratch-free clean Traps sediment at the bottom of the bucket Prevents scratches and swirls Solvent resistant Our Grit Guard Combo Pack includes the Grit Guard Insert, Bucket Dolly and bucket for only $49.95!

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