Coverking Stormproof Custom Car Covers

The culmination of over 15 years of development, Stormproof material is designed by Coverking and made by one of the world’s leading textile mills. It is the most waterproof yet breathable car cover material available. Stormproof car cover material exhibits outstanding sun and UV resistance, able to last for years in Arizona sun without fading. The micro-fiber base material is soft to the touch and won’t scratch a car’s paint – yet is rolls up into a very compact package for easy storage. Stormproof car cover is available in many different colors and also with officially licensed GM logos.

Stormproof is unique in the field of Custom Car Cover materials in that it is Untreated, Uncoated, and Unprocessed. Through Coverking’s advanced textile engineering, Stormproof accomplishes the needs of a premium Car Cover material without the coatings which can easily wear off, the treatments which fade over time, and the processing which can be undone the first time it is exposed to water.

Speak to somebody who has owned other “premium” Car Cover materials and you’ll hear how the other Car Cover fabrics work as advertised for the first few months but then degrade in their water resistance. The problem is that the treatments and coatings can wear off, scratch off or simply wash off.

Stormproof is immune to this, because it is inherently water resistant. It has no coating, so it is very breathable. And the fibers have been designed to reflect UV rays, and be immune to the color fading caused by the harsh sun. Car Cover 300CClick here to read about a recent customer’s experience with Stormproof.

Stormproof is the only Car Cover material we can suggest for any climate or car cover need – it excels in every area except protection from dings and hail. Stormproof will last for years, and compliment your vehicle with the exciting colors and two tone designs it is offered in.

Stormproof Custom Car Covers are available only with Coverking’s famous Custom Fit and the unique pattern designs which result in the fewest seams possible – Compare the images on the left. Coverking uses the fewest seams to produce a perfect, custom fit without the “patchwork” look created by sewing small pieces together. Although it costs more, Coverking’s designs result in superior fit, looks, and less chance of seams failing or leaking.

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