Bosch Automotive Handbook 5th Edition

In every field there’s a single, indispensable reference work that sets the standard by which other books are measured. The new 5th Edition of the Bosch Automotive Handbook is the standard for practical, concise and illuminating explanations of the design and operation of automotive systems. Its lucid presentation of both basic and complex automotive principles, engineering theory, and applied mathematics is without peer.

New and updated topics in the 5th Edition cover a wide variety of topics, including sections on Fuel Filters, Internal-Combustion Engines, Electric Drive Units and Vehicle Information Systems. Bosch GmbH technical experts, the same Bosch technical experts who design and build the world’s finest automotive components, have fully revised the manual, adding 70 pages of new material.

Do you want to know how electronic fuel injection works? The Automotive Handbook will tell you. How to calculate the factors affecting tire adhesion and braking distance? The different testing methods for material hardness? Again, the Automotive Handbook will tell you. With more than one thousand cut-away illustrations, diagrams, tables and sectional drawings, the Automotive Handbook makes even sophisticated automotive concepts easy to visualize and understand.

The Automotive Handbook, a reliable guide full of up-to-date and concise information, has grown over a period of six decades from a calendar supplement of 96 pages to a 960 page reference work. In that time, over a million copies have been produced worldwide and the text has been translated into numerous languages.

This definitive encyclopedia belongs on your bookshelf whether your automotive involvement is as an engineer, a professional technician, an interested enthusiast, or an automotive journalist.

Topics In The 5th Edition Include:

* Fuel Filters
* MED-Motronic
* Natural Gas Operation (Spark-ignition engines)
* Fuel Cells
* EHB for Cars
* Automatic Cruise Control
* Instrumentation
* Traffic Telematics
* Car Radios (DAB)
* Connectors
* Cartronic

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