Atm and Max Repair Kit

Replacement fuses for ’96 and newer model vehicles. Check vehicle for exact application.

Contents: (2 ea.) ATM-2,3 & 4; (3 ea.) ATM-7-1/2; (5 ea.) ATM-5 & 25; (10 ea.) ATM-10, 15, 20 & 30; (2 ea.) MAX-30; (1 ea.) MAX-40 & 50 and (1 ea.) FT-3 Fuse Tester/Puller

Model                                              Year
Buick LaSabre                                ’96-’04
Chevrolet LuminaTD>                     ’96-’01
Chevrolet Cavalier                           ’96-’04
Dodge Caravan                              ’99-’04
Ford Crown Victoria                        ’01-’04
Ford explorer                                 ’96-’04
Jeep Cherokee                                ’96-’04
Mercury Grand Marquis                     ’01-’04
Pontiac Grand Marquis                     ’96-’04

Models may vary during the years listed. Not all fuses used in these models are included in this kit. Not every fuse in this kit is used in every model listed.

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