AMS 1750 ALLVIEW Rear View Mirror System

The ALLVIEW Mirror System (AMS) is your complete driving vision solution with the patented seamless full rear traffic view ALLVIEW Mirror and patented automatic and natural safety indicator.

Safety Benefits

* Helps ensure safe and accurate lane changes without guesswork.
* Helps to safely merge and exit freeways, join taffic flow and start road departures         from a quick glance.
* Helps eliminate blind spots by providing a seamless full rear traffic view without             turning your head.
* Offsets visual distortion and disorientation.
* Reduces glare for safer night driving.
Product Features

* Patented
* Two aftermarket models to choose from
* Quick and easy installation
* Fits most vehicles
* Shatterproof
* Vibraton free
* All weather

Added Value

* Helps prevent auto accidents.
* Aids drivers with back and neck mobility impairments.
* Child watch in the back seat.
* Helps relieve driving fatigue.
* Drive with greater confidence.

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