6 inch Clear Lens Oval Stop/Tail/Turn LED Light


The Clear Lens Oval Stop/Tail/Turn 6 inch LED Light By Blazer International features a state-of-the-art high performance 10 red super diode lights for ultimate brightness. Comes with a durable rubber mounting grommet. Easily install it to any vehicle or trailer over 80 inches wide and the light can be used as a stop light, taillight or turning light. Ultra long bulb life with over 100,000 hours of light! Get the Clear Lens 6 inch Oval Stop/Tail/Turn Light By Blazer International for a crisper, cleaner, brighter light for improve visibility and safety.


* State-Of-The-Art Lighting
* 10 Super Bight Red LED Diode
* No Bulbs To Change or Replace
* Improve Visibility and Safety
* 100,000 Hours Of Light
* For Any Vehicle or Trailer Over 80 Inches Wide
* DOT/SAE Compliant and Street Legal

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