100 Piece Roadside Emergency Safety Kit


Don’t be stranded with a disabled vehicle without an emergency road and safety kit ever agian. This is a must have item to have while on a road trip, camping or simply just a drive to your local store because you never know what can happen while on the road. This Bell Automotive 100 Piece Roadside Emergency Safety Kit provides you with the peace of mind that you will be prepared to help yourself and others in unexpected roadside emergencies. The Bell Automotive 100 Piece Roadside Emergency Safety Kit contains all the essentials for fixing the most common highway problems and comes in a convenient carrying case. Available in 2 bag colors. Makes a great gift!

Each Kit Contains:

* 10 Gauge / 8′ Booster Cable
* Tire Sealant – 14 oz
* Flashlight + 2 x D Batteries
* Cable Ties – 25 Pcs
* Help Sign
* Knit Gloves
* Tie Down – 24″
* Space Blanket
* 2-In21 Screwdriver
* Rain Poncho
* First Aid Kit – 63 Pc
* Car Care Guild
* Accident Document Kit
* Emergency Contact Info
* Deluxe Carry Bag

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