Zymol Vale Schpritzer Bottle


The Zymol Vale Schpritzer Bottle is the most comfortable sprayer available. The classic flask design is the easiest to grip, spray and place in a pocket during use. Made from clear, recycled PET (soft drink bottles) with a metered and self-siphoning head that disperses a fine metered spray. The Zymol Vale Schpritzer Bottle is the ideal solution for filling or diluting For many applications including Zymol Glas or Zymol Fabrique. Use the fill levels on the bottle to determine your strength of application.


* Perfect For Filling Zymol Glas or Zymol Fabrique.
* Disperses a Fine Metered Spray
* Most Comfortable Sprayer Bottle Available
* Made From Clear, Recycled PET (soft drink bottles)

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