Zymol Accessory Pack


The all new Zymol Accessory Pack contains all the essential cloths and applicator necessary to complete each of the various Zymol processes safely and effectively. Each pack contains 1 x Zymol Pre-Wax Applicator, 1 x Zymol Buffing Towel and 1 x Zymol Microwipe.


* Zymol Pre-Wax Applicator: The right applicators are as important as the right tools. This wax applicator were designed and manufactured to perform specific tasks. This terry towel covered foam Applicator provides just the right amount of friction and absorbency during Zymol HD-Cleanse or Zymol Cleaner Wax applications.

* Zymol Buffing Towel: Not all towels are created equal. All commercially available towels are washed several times by the manufacturer to remove excess dye. Unfortunately, this leaves the towel looking limp and used so they are “sized” to make them look new again. This “sizing” process uses a starch and silicone mixture that will scratch and contaminate your paint finish. Zymol Towels are not “sized”.

* Zymol Microwipe: The modern alternative to final buffing with a cotton towel. The ultra lightweight, “rubber” (nylon + nytril) quad axial woven material repels wax, forcing all of the wax or glaze to bond during application. Additionally, the Microwipe allows you to let the wax “stand” for longer (up to 5 minutes) before buffing to a brilliant deep shine. The Microwipe also eliminates over-buffing which can be a potential source of scratching.

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