Wireless Command Motion Activated Indoor Alert System


The Wireless Command Motion Activated Indoor Alert System By Heath/Zenith is a great security and safety device for any home, garage, trailer home or apartment. No need to rewire your house in order to install motion-activated lighting. The Alert System is triggered by a weather-resistant motion sensor that runs on two AA batteries, so you can set up this system in minutes. Very easy to install and no wiring is required. Wireless motion sensor can be mounted anywhere. The wireless motion sensor detects motion up to 70 feet away with 180° detection zone. Additional features include sensitivity control and pulse count technology, which reduces false sensing from wind and rain for maximum reliability. Durable sealed weatherproof sensor design keeps out wind and rain. Batteries not included.

Features and Specifications:

* Easy Installation – No wiring required.
* Indoor Alert includes manual lamp override and volume control switches.
* Photocell Override – Select day/night or night only motion detection.
* Selectable Light Timer – Select the length of time lights stay on after motion has been detected.
* Power Outage Reset – Turns lights off automatically if turned on by power interruption or electrical storm.
* Sensitivity Control – Adjust the range of distance for sensing motion.
* Pulse Count Technology – Reduces false sensing from wind and rain for professional reliability.
* Operating Temperature Range: -22°F to +120°F
* Weatherproof Design – Sensor sealed to keep out wind and rain.
* Motion Sensor Detects Motion Up To 70 Feet Away.
* RF Tech Communication – Reduces interference and

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