Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash


The Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash leaves your car, truck, van or SUV an incredible clean, bright shine. Contains an innovative formula blend of surfactants and special paint conditioners that is safe for all finishes by gently wash away dirt, road grime and dust particles without creating any scratches and swirl marks on your car’s surface. The result is a super clean and mirror-like finish. The Turtle Wax ICE Car Wash will also conditioners revitalize your paint and enhance the color while the unique formula won’t strip existing wax and polish protection and shine. Contains 64 fl. oz.


* Leaves An Incredible Clean, Bright Shine
* Gently Wash Away Dirt, Road Grime and Dust Particles
* Safe For All Finishes and Will Not Strip Wax
* Will Not Create Scratches and Swirl Marks On The Car’s Surface
* Biodegradable

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