The Small-Engine Handbook

Any Homeowners that have 2 or 4-cycle small engines in their lawn and garden equipment, utility vehicles, recreational vehicles, generators and other machines will greatly benefit from this book. The book is easy-to-follow, richly illustrated and you will be able to understanding small engines, troubleshooting them and working on them. The book has a brief history of significant and popular small engines and a guide to setting up a home workshop in which to work on them. It also includes case studies on the disassembly, maintenance, repair and/or rebuilding of a 2-stroke lawnmower engine, a 4-stroke utility motor, a 2-stroke chainsaw engine, and a curbside junker. The writing is lively and entertaining and the color photos clearly show how to work on these useful engines. By Motorbooks, MBI Publishing Company.

* 144 Pages / 200 Color Photos
* Book Format: Softcover
* Author: Peter Hunn

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