S100 Aerosol Total Cycle Cleaner


America’s favorite S100 Total Cycle Cleaner detergent formula is now available in aerosol form! This S100 Aerosol Total Cycle Cleaner was created to help cut down application time from minutes to seconds. Don’t confuse this new aerosol with the old- fashioned engine cleaners of the past. This is the original all-around bike wash with its modern detergent technology. It’s more economical, up to 20% better than conventional spray bottle. No more bucket of suds and getting down and dirty. All you do is simply just spray it on, hose off and watch the dirt, bugs, road tar, oil film and brake dust disappear before your eyes. If you haven’t tried S100 Total Cycle Cleaner, join the revolution and the tens of thousands of bikers who have discovered how to cut their cleaning time and increase their riding time! Contains 21 oz.
* Simple To Use – Spray On and Hose Off
* Ideal For Removing Dirt, Bugs, Oil Film and Brake Dust
* Cut Down Cleaning Time From Minutes To Seconds
* Spend More Time Riding & Less Time Cleaning
* More Economical Than Conventional Spray Bottle
* Can Contains 21 Oz.

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