Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR Bluetooth Car Kit

Introducing the first Bluetooth hands-free car kit with a color LCD. For those who need the latest technology, the Parrot 3200 LS-COLOR Bluetooth Car Kit, the first color hands-free car kit, is the must have gadget! Personalize your handsfree car kit with color logos and ringtones. The advanced voice recognition technology allows you to call a contact without needing to touch the 3200LS – “Call Pete” will get you connected. In addition, there is caller photo id; set a picture to your contacts and they will appear on the 160 x 128 pixel TFT color screen when the contact calls. The 3200 has the same safety features of other Parrot Bluetooth car kits, including automatic phone recognition and complete handsfree operation.


* Adjustable, High-Resolution, High-Contrast LCD Color Screen For Photo Images.
* Easy To Use, One-Hand Operation.
* Color LCD screen runs at 160×128 pixels for screen image; (as good as the one on your mobile phone).
* Mobile Phone Address Book Can Be Downloaded To The Car Kit.
* The unit allows you to display stored wallpaper images
* Audio through vehicle speakers automatically mutes the radio or CD player.
* Caller ID, and Display of Recent Calls.
* Voice command for speed dialing and other functions.
* Visual Display of Network Signal Strength
* Quality Audio (Digital Signal Processing)
* Recognizes Up To 5 Different Mobile Phones
* Universal Compatibility with Most Bluetooth Phones Regardless of Network or Manufacturer.
* No cradle, Wire, or Headset Battery To Charge
* Upgradeable Software

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