Outdoor Solar-Powered Renaissance Candle Lantern


The Outdoor Solar-Powered Renaissance Candle Lantern By Maxsa Innovations can enhance the look of any home/house by lighting up the garden pathway, yard, driveway or walkway. The LED light inside the Renaissance Candle Lantern simulates a flickering glow of an actual candle light, giving off a real and authentic look of an old-fashioned lantern. Encased in classy frosted glass and beautiful metal bronze finish, the lantern’s stylish design looks attractive any time of the day. The lantern provides up to 10 hours of flickering candle-style light each night and thanks to its photocell, it turns on automatically at dusk and off at dawn. The Renaissance Lantern is very easy to install and requires no wiring or tools.

Set the Renaissance Lantern up in a variety of ways. The lantern can hang or be placed on top of incluede shepherd’s hook stand. It can also be placed on a table or mounted on a post. The included stake is sectional to allow various heights up to 33 inches. The two included rechargeable NiCd batteries will power the lantern’s revolutionary LED technology lights up to 30,000 hours (approximately 15 years). The Renaissance Candle Lantern is also water and corrosion resistant.


* Enhances the look to any driveway, yard or walkway.
* Encased in frosted glass and beautiful metal bronze finish.
* Light flickers to simulate real candle light.
* Safer than a real candle – no wax, no flames
* Easy To Install – No Wiring or Tools Required
* Automatically turns on at dusk and off at dawn
* Provides up to 10 hours of light each night
* Revolutionary LED technology last up to 30,000 hours (15 years).
* Includes 2 rechargeable NiCd batteries.
* Water and corrosion resistant.
* Specifications: 6″ In Length

Dimensions: Lantern – 6.5″ H x 5.75″ W, Pole – 33″ H, Stake – 6.5″ H

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