Muscle – America’s Legendary Performance Cars

In the 1960s three incendiary ingredients—developing V-8 engine technology, a culture consumed by the need for speed, and 75 million baby boomers entering the auto market—exploded in the form of the factory muscle car. The resulting vehicles, brutal machines unlike any the world had seen before or will ever see again, defined the sex-drugs-and-rock-and-roll generation. This was a generation of people with excessive appetites for hedonistic pleasures, and the cars they drove provided hedonistic pleasure in wretched excess.

Muscle: America’s Legendary Performance Cars chronicles this tumultuous period of American history through the primary tool Americans use to define themselves: their automobiles. From the street-racing hot rod culture that emerged following World War II through the new breed of muscle cars emerging from Detroit today, this book brings to life the history of American muscle. Featuring exquisite photography of classic muscle cars by top photographer David Newhardt and a text that pulls no punches, Muscle: America’s Legendary Performance Cars is the definitive muscle car history.

* 384 Pages
* Book Format: Hardcover
* Author: Randy Leffingwell and Darwin Holmstrom
* By Motorbooks, MBI Publishing Company

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