MotoGear Motorcycle and Scooter Helmet Bag

The MotoGear Motorcycle & Scooter Helmet Bag By Classic Accessories is a great item for storing and protecting your helmet from dust, scratches and dings during storage and transport. The bag features a tough UV resistant ProtekX Plus fabric with PVC backing for extra weather and abrasion resistance. The inner fleece lining will not scratch or harm your helmet and a large zippered opening makes it easy to to access your helmet.


* Tough UV Resistant ProtekX Plus Fabric with PVC Backing
* Protects Your Helmet From Dust, Scratches and Dings During
Storage and Transport
* Non-Scratch Fleece Inner Lining
* Non-Skid Protective Bottom
* Padded Carrying Handle
* Large Zippered Opening For Easy Removing and Storing

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