Mothers PowerBall Polishing Tool
Mothers PowerBall is the first mechanical device that enables you to use an electric drill to polish billet, diamond plate, polished aluminum, stainless steel, plastic lenses, convertible top windows and much more! What used to take hours can now be accomplished by machine in minutes! The PowerBall compresses to fit tight spaces, offering complete coverage with minimal effort, and the finish is mirror-like! When used with Mothers PowerMetal polish, it offers you the quickest, easiest and safest way imaginable to to polish your alloy surfaces better and faster than ever! A three-minute real-time reel demonstration on using the new PowerBall. QuickTime is required to view video. To download Quicktime please click on this link Youll notice in some parts of our demonstration that were using a prototype green-colored ball production models are red as shown above. andnbsp;

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