MAXX Marine Series Power Inverter – 1000 Watt

The MAXX Marine Series Power Inverter supplies 1000 watts of continuous power with a 2000 watt peak in the form of household-type outlets that are ready to deliver 110 volt AC power whenever and wherever you need it most! The Marine Series Power Inverter are geared for today’s modern life aboard small craft, powerboats, and any vessel that has a 12 volt battery power supply and a means to recharge those batteries. The Power Inverter features two weather-resistant GFCI listed dual AC Receptacles and is also corrosion and vibration resistance. With 1000 watts, the inverter can run and power almost any AC-powered electronic equipment devices such as: TV, VCR, DVD players, refrigerators, mini microwave ovens, stereo systems, computers, laptops, household appliances, heavy-duty power tools, wet or dry vacuums and more!


* Rubber Grommets For Vibration Immunity
* Secure Bulkhead Mounting
* Grounding Terminals For Electrical Safety
* Corrosion and Vibration Resistance
* Conformal Coating Protects Internal Circuits
* Two GFCI Protected AC Receptacles
* Powerful Internal High-Speed Cooling Fan
* High/Low/Overload Voltage Protection
* Low Battery Alarm and Shutdown
* Ground Fault Circuit Interrupt Outlets
* Short Circuit Protection


* Maximum Continues Power: 1000 Watts
* Surge Capacity Peak Power: 2000 Watts
* Maximum Efficiency: Approx. 90%
* No Load Current Draw: 0.6 Amps
* Input Voltage Eange: 10 -15 VDC
* Output Voltage Range: 110/120 VAC 60 Hz
* (MSW) Fuses: 35 Amps (6)
* Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave
* Low Voltage Alarm: 10.6 Volts
* Low Voltage Shutdown: 10.0 Volts Auto Reset
* Thermal Shutdown: Auto Reset
* Output Receptacles: Dual GFCI
* Product Size: 14.5″ x 9.5″ x 3.125″
* Product Weight: 9.26 lbs

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