Marine Formula STA-BIL Fuel Stabilizer (8 oz.)

No other MARINE Fuel Additive offers the same formula combination and levels of Fuel Stabilizer to keep fuel fresh, Corrosion Preventers to prevent fuel system damage, and a COMPLETE Fuel System Cleaner to improve engine performance year-round.

Use in all 2 & 4 cycle marine engines; in gasoline, gasoline/oil mixtures and ethanol blends. Treat gas cans at each fill-up. Safe to use in all marine gas tanks, all inboard and outboard boat motors, onboard generators, and personal watercraft engines. Also safe to use in all cars, motorhomes, lawnmowers, tractors, snowmobiles, motorcycles, grass trimmers, and ALL outdoor power equipment.

Protects Against:

* Corrosion – from ethanol-induced water attraction, and condensation from temperature changes
* Fuel System Deposits – from ethanol acting as a solvent on accumulated deposits, causing engine performance problems

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