Kozak Motorcycle DryWash Cloth


The Kozak Motorcycle DryWash Cloth By Lexol is the best cloth to use on any motorcycle. The uniquely designed cloth uses an improved formula to clean and polish motorcycles but can also be used on cars, trucks and SUV’s without harming or dulling the vehicles finish. Made from fine, specially woven 100% domestic cotton fibers. Kozak Motorcycle DryWash Cloth will safely remove dust and fine dirt and leaves a smooth, clean and bright looking finish. The cloth can be used over 50 cleanings per cloth! You can use the Kozak cloth daily to keep your motorcycle, car, truck or SUV shining all year round, for only pennies a day.


* Made from fine, specially woven 100% domestic cotton fibers.
* Exclusive plush NAP surrounds and holds small dirt particles.
* Cleans and polishes clear coat paint and chrome in minutes.
* Safely removes dust and fine dirt and will not harm paint finish.
* Polishes as it cleans.
* Works best on already waxed or protected finish
* Anti-stat formula helps to repel dust
* Cloth size: 2.8 sq. ft.

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