Kozak Auto Dry Wash

The Kozak Auto Dry Wash Cloth is a 3.8 sq. ft cloth made from specially selected cotton by an ingenious, exclusive process. Each fold on a cloth is good for one to three car cleanings… thus providing easily between 50 to 100 dry cleanings for any car. KozaK cloths are woven to inspecsin, and carefully finished to a velvety soft material. The fiber is treated with a special formulation safe for hands and for the car finish. KozaK is used dry on a dry car. It not only quickly and completely eliminates the road dust film, the dried muddy-water splatter, the rain ugliness and grime… but everytime it is used it ADDS to the beauty and permanence of the original paint job. This inhand-rubbingin effect is a continuation of the last polishing procedure done at the factory before your car goes to the dealer’s show-room!

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