Interlocking Garage Floor Tiles System

Start customizing your garage floor and cover up those unsightly cracked, stained or boring floors with these Interlocking Floor Tile System by Edge Garage Gear. Design and created the ultimate garage floor by mixing and matching several tile colors to create your own unique pattern or with the pattern design sample grid provided on the back of the box. The Interlocking System makes the tiles quick & easy to install. Just snap the tiles together with no adhesive, trimming or tools required.

Edge Garage Gear Interlocking Floor Tiles were designed and engineered for multi-purpose use. The Tiles can withstand mechanical environments and are resistant to most automotive chemicals such as; motor oil, transmission fluid, petroleum products, grease, brake fluid, anti-freeze and more.


* Each kit covers 5′ x 8′ (40 square feet) of floor space.
* Create your own pattern by mixing and matching tile colors.
* Perfect for covering up unsightly cracked or stained floors.
* Quick and easy installation, no adhesive, trimming or tools required.
* Interlocking System: Just snap the tiles together.
* Durable and can withstand mechanical environments.
* Resistant to most automotive chemicals and grease.
* 6 exciting colors to choose from.
* Detailed installation instructions included.

Kit Includes:

* 12″ x 12″ Square Tiles (40)
* 12″ x 3″ Male Edge Strips (13)
* 12″ x 3″ Female Edge Strips (13)
* 3″ x 3″ Edge Corners (4)
* Installation Instructions

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