Eurolite Yellow Euro Style
JDM Bulb Series

Upgrade your headlight bulbs with Eurolite’s Yellow Euro Style Bulbs. These performance bulbs use high-pressure xenon gas to deliver a brilliant Yellow light with a Euro style. The bright beam offers enhanced nighttime visibility and reduced eyestrain. Easy screw-in installation using your vehicles existing headlight wiring harness. Sold as a pair.


* European Yellow Light (Eurostyle)
* Improved Visibility, Less Eye Strain
* Best Color for poor weather conditions
* Simple Installation
* Industry Standard Mounting Base
* Perfect For Fog Lights or Secondary Lights.

Note: These bulbs are not DOT approved. They are sold for show car or off-road use only. Check local laws before using.

Part Number    Bulb Size      Price
RACH1YL         H1             $23.95
RACH3YL         H3             $23.95
RACH4YL         H4             $23.95
RACH7YL         H7             $24.95
RAC9005YL     9005          $23.95
RAC9006YL     9006          $23.95
RAC9007YL     9007          $24.95
RACH10YL       H10           $26.95
RACH11YL       H11           $26.95
RAC881YL       881           $23.95
RAC893YL       893           $23.95

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