DuPont Teflon Ultra Premium Spray Wax
DuPont Teflon Ultra Premium Liquid Spray Wax contains unique Teflon finish protectors that leave an invisible, non-stick coating that helps keep car finishes shiny, longer. It also contains andquot;clay-likeandquot; ingredients to help minimize swirl marks and other fine scratches. It is the same formula as the Ultra Liquid Wax, however, you can wax your car in half the time! Same formula as DuPont Ultra Liquid Wax Can wax a vehicle in half the time of liquid wax Genuine Carnauba wax for a more durable shine 22 oz. spray bottle DuPont Free Car Care Offer – Valid on any of the following items… 16 oz Teflon Liquid Wax 22 oz Teflon Spray Wax 16 oz Teflon Protectant 25-count Teflon Protectant Wipes 22 oz Teflon Tire Shine 32 oz Teflon Wheel Cleaner 16 oz Teflon Car Wash 64 oz Teflon Car Wash 16 oz Teflon Carpet andamp; Upholstery Cleaner 16 oz Teflon Ultra Car Wax 22 oz Teflon Ultra Spray Wax 12 oz Fuel Injector Cleaner 20 oz Fuel Injector Cleaner 16 oz Fuel System Cleaner 16 oz Engine Treatment 18.5 oz Quick Car Detailer 18.5 oz 3 N 1 Leather Treatment

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