Dakota Alert MURS BS Kit


The MURS BS Kit By Dakota Alert is a long rang system that offers the ability to monitor activity at remote locations. The MURS (Multi-Use Radio Service) Alert transmitter is a passive infrared detector that can be mounted on a post to detect people or vehicles entering the drive. The included M538-BS is a basestation transceiver that is meant to receive alert signals from the MURS Alert transmitter and can also be used for two way voice communications with other transceivers. Four different voice signals can be selected at the transmitter so you will be able to monitor up to four different areas. The voice signal alert will be spoken in English and will say; Alert zone one, Alert zone two, Alert zone three, Alert zone four. The MURS Alert transmitter has 5 standard MURS channels and 38 CTCSS sub-codes to help insure uninterrupted use. Operates on 6 AA batteries (not included). Two watts of output power ensures greater range than FRS (up to 5 miles). Unlike GMRS, the user does not need to obtain a license from the FCC.


* Wireless Monitoring Range Of Up To Several Miles Away.
* 5 Standard MURS Channels, 38 CTCSS Sub-Channels
* Transmitter Detects People or Vehicles.
* Monitor Up To Four Different Areas
* 4 Proximity Zone Voice Alert Messages.
* Transmitter operates on 6 “AA” batteries (not included).
* No License Is Needed To Use The MURS Signal.

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