Dakota Alert MAPS BS Kit


The MAPS BS Kit By Dakota Alert is a long rang system that senses moving vehicles using a probe which detects the disturbance to the earth’s magnetic field caused by moving steel. The sensor can detect vehicles at a range of approximately 20 feet from the probe. Can transmit to a receiver from 1 to 3 miles away, depending on terrain. Will only detect moving vehicles, will not detect people or animals. The included M538-BS is a base station MURS transceiver that will receive alert signals from the MURS Alertâ„¢ transmitter and also can be used for two-way voice communications between other MURS transceivers. The BS basestation has five channels and 38 sub channels to help you communicate with other users and is powered by a plug-in transformer and is capable of communicating over distances of several miles. The FCC also allows you to use MURS without a license. Although other radio services require a license, MURS is license-free.

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