Daddy Cool Fridge Center Console 

Whether you’re high in the mountains, out in the desert, on the work site or just cruising the freeways, now you can have the coolest refreshments always on hand.  This is The Ultimate SUV and Pick-up Truck Accessory.

The ultimate SUV and pick-up accessory gives you every reason to stay cool, everywhere, every time!

• Thermo-electric refrigeration – solid state technology, no liquids, no gases.
• Quiet and safe – finely tuned fans for low noise, low vibration.

The Console Fridge Features a Double-opening lid
The top lid opens to a fully insulated tray to store your CDs, pens etc.
The lower lid opens to a large 6 gallon refrigerated cabinet with capacity for the equivalent of 18 cans.

Chilled bottle holders
Two recesses at the front hold water bottles and provide easy access to the top of the bottle, while the lower portion hangs in the refrigerated cabinet.


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