Camouflage Universal Truck Bench Seat Cover

The Camouflage Universal Truck Bench Seat Cover By Allison are the most cost effective and convenient way to change the look of your truck, van or SUV’s interior or just looking to cover up torn or dirty seats. This full size bench seat cover was designed to slide over top of your existing truck bench seats with or without built-in headrest with ease. Besides adding style, the cover can also help protect your original seats from dirt and stains. The seat cover is made of durable high quality fabric material that is easy to clean and maintain. The Camouflage Universal Bench Seat Covers is the perfect choice for many truck bench seats that don’t contain airbags or attached armrests. Choose from black or tan color. Fit’s both high-back and low-back headrest bucket seats. Prices are for each seat cover.


* Universal-Fit On Most Full Size Truck Bench Seats
* Help Protect Your Original Seats From Dirt and Stains
* Designed To Slide Over Your Existing Bench Seat with Ease
* Durable High Quality Fabric Material
* Easy To Clean and Maintain

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