Blink 2-in-1 Spray and Wipes Smudge Cleaners

The Blink Smudge Cleaners 2-in-1 Spray and Wipes By Honeywell is a must have item in any car, truck, van or SUV. Having kids and pets in the car can always leave fingerprints, paw prints, marks and smudges on your windows. The Blink Smudge Cleaners can clean glass and windows quickly and easily. Leaving a bright streak-free shine with a light fresh sent of citrus. The pack contains a glass cleaner solution and glass wipes all in one convenient pack and can easily be stored in the glove box or seat compartment. Not just for glass, the Blink Smudge Cleaners can also works on vinyl, dash and interior trims. Life leaves fingerprints…The Blink Smudge Cleaners remove them from glass and more.


* Removes Fingerprints, Paw Prints, Marks and Smudges On Your Windows
* Perfect for kids and pets
* Clean glass and windows quickly and easily
* Bright Streak-Free Shine
* Light Fresh Citrus Scent
* Store It Where You Need It Most
* Contains 1 fl.oz. Bottle and 20 Wipes

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