Black and Decker Smart Battery 75/25/10/2 Amp Battery Charger

When your car battery goes dead, a jump-start is only a quick fix for the problem that may reoccur. The solution is to recharge the battery, using a product like the Black & Decker Smart Battery 75/25/10/2 Amp Battery Charger. This Smart Battery Charger is fully automatic and electronic, with a Digital Smart microprocessor control and an LED indicator for selecting your charging rate. The three stage automatic rapid charging operates at 25 amps, 10 amps, and 2 amps with an average 1 minute engine start time and 2.5 hour full battery charge. The Smart Battery Charger also has a spark-resistant reverse hook-up and overcharge protection circuit built into it to insure that the clamps are not accidentally affixed to the opposite terminals, which would damage the battery. The automatic float mode monitoring tells the unit when the battery is ready to avoid overcharging.


* 3 stage, automatic, high-frequency charging technology
* Lightweight, high efficiency design with digital displays shows charge rate,
operating mode and fault codes.
* Reverse hook-up warning alarm to prevent damage to vehicle or electronics
* Easy connectivity for battery clips and ring terminals or vehicle DC plug
* Microprocessor control digital diagnostics & fault codes
* Cables and clamps self stored
* Spark-resistant, reverse hook-up & overcharge protection
* Compensates for low AC from extension cord use
* Patented vehicle alternator check & engine start feature
* Automatic float mode monitoring


* Input: 120V AC, 60Hz, 490 Watts
* Input: 120V AC, 60Hz, 1080 watts Engine Start
* Output: 12V DC, 2/10/25 Amps Continuous
* Output: 5 Seconds On, 240 Seconds Off, 75 Amp Engine Start

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