Black and Decker Pocket Power Portable Battery Backup

The Black & Decker introduces the new Pocket Power, a compact portable source with rechargeable backup battery that powers and recharges personal electronics while on the go. The new Pocket Power simultaneously powers and recharges mobile electronic devices such as cell phones, BlackBerry/PDAs, MP3 players, digital cameras, camcorders and more when a household AC power outlet is not available. The Pocket Power will provide up to 4 hours extended runtime for personal electronics!

The slim profile design of the Pocket Power is thin and small enough to conveniently fit into an average size jacket pocket, or be tucked away into a briefcase or purse. Take the Pocket Power with you on business or away from home to have the confidence and convenience of power when you need it for your portable personal electronics. The Pocket Power battery fully recharges from a 120-volt household outlet in less than eight hours. A battery status LED lets you know 10 minutes before the Pocket Power battery is depleted and needs to be recharged. A built-in power/fault LED indicates the condition of the inverter. A draw-string travel bag keeps the Pocket Power protected while traveling.


* Easy To Use, Compact & Lightweight, Take Anywhere For Power To Go
* Extended Runtime, Provides Up To 4 Hours of Additional Power
* Powers & Recharges Personal Electronics Simultaneously
* No Tips Necessary, Plug in Your Standard Charger
* 20 Watts To Power/Recharge AC and USB Appliances
* Power and Simultaneously Recharge Small Personal Electronics
* Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery Using AC adapter
* Travel Bag Included, Use For Holding Battery Pack and Adapter

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