Black and Decker BB7B Simple Start Battery Booster 

Give your car battery a boost from inside the comfort of your car with Simple Start new from Black & Decker. Being stranded with a drained car battery can cause anyone to panic! The new Simple Start Vehicle Battery Booster charges your car battery from inside the comfort of your car and puts you back on the road quickly – plug, charge & go! No need for jumper cables or waiting for help to arrive. Simply insert the Simple Start’s DC adapter into the car’s 12 volt DC outlet and wait several minutes. A boost indicator LED and audible beep lets you know when your battery is charged and ready to start. The Simple Start offers a built-in LED light for emergency use and 12 volt DC port for charging cell phones. With the Simple Start there is no more worrying about lifting the hood and connecting jumper cables to the wrong part of your car battery, creating sparks. In the rain, on a dark night or alone in an unfamiliar place, you no longer need to tracker someone down to jump-start your car.

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