Black and Decker 750 Watt Power Inverter

Access instant AC household power in your car, truck, boat, SUV or RV with the Black & Decker 750 Watt Power Inverter. Designed for life on the go and engineered for safety, durability and reliability, Black & Decker 750 Watt Power Inverters features dual AC outlet with USB port to convert your vehicles 12 volt DC power to mobile 115 volt AC household power. The Power Inverter provides 750 watts of power to charge and power personal and mobile office equipment as well as tools, household appliances, lighting and more. Directly connect to battery or plug into vehicles DC accessory outlet and access instant 115 volt AC power on the road.


* Converts vehicle’s 12 volt DC power into household 115 volt AC power
* Dual AC & USB outlets power and/or recharge TV & small appliances
* MAXXSST (Soft start technology), Overload protection
* Automatic reset, Turbo cooling fan, Short circuit protection
* Low Battery Alarm and Auto Shut Down
* USB Port For Powering Electronics
* Electrical Fault Interrupter Circuit
* High and Low Voltage Protection


* Max Continuous Power: 750 W
* Surge Capacity (Peak Power): 1500 W
* Input Voltage: 12.8 V
* Output Voltage: 115 V
* Fuse: 35 Amp x 3 Amps
* Output Wave Form: Modified Sine Wave
* Powers Up To: 6.52 Amps Amps

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