Autolite SpotGlo Seatbelt Lite

The Autolite SpotGlo Seatbelt Lite directs a powerful LED light source right where passengers need it without distracting the driver. The unique recessed lighting design keeps the light “contained” perfectly in the passenger’s space for reading, playing a game or doing work and the interior of the car remains undisturbed. The light clips on and off seatbelt easily and glides smoothly on seatbelt for desired positioning. You’re be able to drive with a glare-free view through all windows and the light stays with the intended passenger. At the high LED light setting, the Autolite SpotGlo Seatbelt Lite can last a minimum of 10 hours and at the low setting, it can last a minimum of 25 hours. With these great features makes the all new Autolite SpotGlo Seatbelt Lite is great for both short and long trips. Batteries not included.

* Directs LED Light Source Where Passengers Need It
* Does Not Distract The Driver or Other Passengers In The Vehicle
* Perfect For Reading, Playing Games or Doing Work
* Clips On and Off Seatbelt Easily
* Adjustable Head Provides Light In 2 Different Positions
* Durable Casing, Lightweight and Compact Design
* Glides Smoothly on Seatbelt For Desired Positioning
* High Last Minimum of 10 Hours, Low Lasts Minimum of 25 Hours
* Requires 3 AAA Alkaline Batteries (not included)

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