Autolite Space Glo Utility Lite

The Autolite Space Glo Utility Lite is a durable and rugged multi-purpose light source that offers dependable bright light where you need it most. Can be used on-road, in-home or outdoors. Perfect for roadside emergencies, mechanical repairs, changing tires, camping, tailgate parties, fishing, home power outages and more. The Autolite Space Glo Utility Lite conveniently stands up right or can be hanged almost anywhere. Folds up and locks in closed position for easy storage. Powered by AA batteries (not included) or simply by a 12 Volt automotive cigarette lighter adapter (included). Weather resistant construction works in rainy and/or foggy conditions. Carrying case included. Makes a great gift!


* Durable, Rugged Multi-Purpose Light Source
* Ideal For Roadside Emergencies, Changing Tires, Camping,
Tailgate Parties, Fishing, Power Outages, Mechanical Repairs
* Stands Up Right or Can Be Hanged Almost Anywhere
* Folds Up and Locks In Closed Position For Easy Storage
* Weather Resistant Construction
* Carrying Case Included
* Replaceable 4 Watt Fluorescent Bulb
* Powered By (4) AA Alkaline Batteries (not included)
or 12 Volt DC adapter (included)

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